DraganFly -vs- X-UFO

Just wondering if anyone has bought a DraganFly? I'm specifically interested in the DraganFly's stability. Such as, if you take your hands off the controls, does it level out and stay in one place? How stable is it to fly?

I bought an X-UFO and find it very difficult to fly. It's relatively easy to hoover but when moving, it's pretty wild because you have to worry about spin, left, right and when it's moving, it looses altitude because some of the thrust is diverted to steering which adds another level of complexity having to control thrust while moving.

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Which model Dragonfly and which manufacturer are you thinking of.

I bought a Walkera Dragonfly #4 on eBay. It arrived with the wrong crystals TX 36.320 RX 36.170. They sent me another RX 36.170 to solve the problem abviously it won't. The manufactory as the supplier calls it says 2 x RX 36.170 will work, it doesn't. Its been 9 weeks and I'm still waiting for a RX 36.170 crystal. I'll leave you to your own decision here. But I wouldnt get Walkera the back up is crap. Go for GWS or atleast ask around about them.


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and search around for info there is heaps.



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