How to make wing molds?

I have always wanted to be able to make my own molded wings but I have
never been quite clear on the best way to go about doing it. Normally
when making a mold it seems you create the plug, glass it over, put a
nicec smooth finish on it, etc. then coat it with mold release wax and
then glass over half of the plug to make your mold. So to make a wing
would you cut a wing from foam, glass and bag it, finish it to make it
smooth, then coat it with mold release and glass and bag over it again
to make the mold?
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Tracy R Reed
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You can vacuum bag a wing to make it look molded, if it is a straight taper. If it's not a straight taper you may have to mold the cores from polyurethane and then bag the wings.
Alternately, you could make the top and bottom skins, bond them together, then fill with polyurethane foam.
I've made tooling for fiberglass car parts, so I know a bit about the basic process. But I've never applied this knowledge to airplane parts, so take what I say with the appropriate grain of salt.
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Tim Wescott

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