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Hi All,

Just getting back to RC after almost 10 years. I have a half built Seni or Telemaster, and am installing fuel system. Radio questions may come lat er! Anyway, have a new tank, with 2 or 3 openings. One is fuel feed, clun k to engine, OS-60. One brass tube goes to the vent inside the tank. But I seem to remember one going to the nipple on the muffler??? And which one is used for fueling? Would be an easy question 10 years ago. Or if I kne w anyone in the area. Moved to Montana after retirement! Any help will be appreciated!!!

Thanks, Rich.....

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You have options. A two line system where one goes from the clunk to the carb and the other goes from the muffler nipple to the vent in the top of the tank. To fuel, unhook the muffler line and hook to an overflow bottle or overboard. Unhook the carb line and pump the fuel in through the clunk.

For a three line system, plug the extra line from the above setup while the motor is running. To fuel, pump in the fuel where the plug was, unhook the line at the muffler nipple for overflow, and pinch off the fuel line to the carb so you don't flood the engine.

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Thanks, that was a big help!!! Some comes back with a hint. Forgot the plug on the 3rd line.


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Good luck.

I pull my stuff out about once a year and fly one or two for a week or two then put them back up. One of these days I keep saying I'm going to get more active again, but life seems to get in the way.

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