Outrunner motor with gearbox : Query??

By way of a change and something I can "play with" in my garden, I
have recently bought an Ultrafly Ultimate electric model (small
electric models are a new experience to me - I am more used to power
models up to quarter scale in size).
The motor included in the kit consists of a small outrunner motor
(Ultrafly C/13/28) and a "gearbox". The gearwheel on the motor is
brass and the (large) gearwheel in the gearbox is plastic.
Is it normal procedure on this type of model to grease the gearwheels
with petroleum jelly or similar or do I just leave them dry??
The instructions do not mention this point.
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I have used a dab of white lithium grease to lube them if there were indications that it might be needed, like poor mesh in a box where it can't readily be adjusted or because it's plain too noisy. OTOH, the film of grease is a dirt magnet and that leads to excessive wear. A bit of a toss up. I'd say if it runs smoothly dry, don't fix what ain't broke.
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Abel Pranger

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