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I am building a 1/5 scale model of a Piper Colt. I am planning to cover
using Dacron material and paint with dope to match my father's full-scale
plane. I am looking for some pinking shears that will be at least
semi-scale for doing the covering... Any sources for scale pinking shears or
am I stuck with off-the-shelf? Alternatively, are there other methods that
folks use to give the pinked edge?
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J McKernan
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Hi Jake, there's a number of methods that can be used, one is to use silkspan cut with the cutting edge found on wax paper boxes, at one time there was a pinking tape used to wrap hair on curlers that was quite scale like. There are 20 ref's to pinked tape "how to" in my model magazine index that I can look up and get back to you if you would like more info.
Larry Smith
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Larry Smith
Couple of things that you can do. Do a search on this newsgrp in Google using "pinked tape" as the argument. Also 3M sells a hairdressing tape that works pretty good. It's called "Scotch Hair Set Tape" Check it out here:
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Gord Schindler MAAC6694
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Gord Schindler

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