Venue for RC Flying - Idea for consideration

Let me know if I'm smoking dope here.
What if ...
1) there was a field intended for RC flying
2) there were 2 air traffic control towers, one at 5%
length from the each end of field (like football)
3) low-power radar (do they make such a thing
4) radio-frequency for each tower
5) flying into and out of each tower control zone via
strict air traffic control rules
6) planes lining up in queue for landing & take-off
7) competition is trying to arrange 6-10 landings with
all these planes around without proximity rule
infractions, you know, like the real thing, and
reaching some specified minimum altitude
between landing requests.
Would this concept fly ? Would the challenge attract
RC plane modellers ?
or is it too complex/involved to attract modellers ?
Or do people simply prefer the freedom to fly as, where
and how they like ?
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I see this as something that might be fun and interesting to do for a day. But not something that would draw enough interest to justify the expense and effort to set it up.
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Chuck Jones
Yes, and too expensive.
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I believe you are. What'd I win?
It's been done.
Can we dress them up as Orthanc and Minas Morgul for halloween? Who dislodges the planes from the towers?
How about a 72mhz based radar? FYI, RC in the states is supposed to be all line of sight anyway, capturing a swarm of toy planes on a radar screen might be an interesting challenge for some, but should be entirely unnecessary.
Oh, the towers are remote controlled, I get it.
Gee, I can't wait. Afterwards we can practice our tax returns.
Don't need two towers for that.
Are the air traffic controllers the competitors? Is that a new hobby?
Freedom with a mix of courtesy seems an appropriate solution.
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Steve Banks
"Steve Banks"
Sadly the idiots in the FAA and FCC are probably going to push for stupid crap like the all under the guise of HSA. Frankly I'm tired of the power mongers or all the turds out.
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Keith Schiffner
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