Sanding blocks-

I need to get a couple of sanding blocks that permit relatively quick changing of the paper. Years ago I bought a couple of the Standard Brands sheet metal ones, but haven't seen them or any good ones for sale in years. Anybody know anywhere I can get some that will:

  1. Clamp the paper tight
  2. have a hard backing surface- metal or hard plastic is best
  3. Use a quarter sheet of standard sandpaper; (waste = bad juju)

What do you guys use? your pal, Pauly

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I use 1X2 and 1x4 Lumber as long as a sheet of sand paper and I spray adhesive it to the wood(3M77). When it's time to change I hit it with the heat gun I use for Monocote and it peels right off, slap on another. That's relatively quick compared to some longer tactic that I can't think of at the moment. :) mk

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Tower Hobbies:

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in assorted lengths and assorted grit.

Good luck,


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Yep, similar here, but I use aluminum extrusions (T shaped) I get at the local metal supply yard. On some, I glue on a thin sheet of rubber with contact cement then 77 the paper to the rubber. I dont' even use the heat gun to remove the paper, just gotta peel slowly.

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