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I guess I have satisfied the gods of modeling, went flying yesterday and was flying my GP Super Sportster 40 (kit version) when upon rolling to inverted and starting a climb-out the wing separated from the fuselage. It had to be going at least 90 - 100mph at the time, the wing floated down and the fuse became a un-guided rocket hell bent on self destruction. I will add that the field I fly at is surrounded by tall (4-5 foot high) grass and nettles. (ouch!) The fuse continued straight and level flight for about 50feet and then (after I decided now might be a good time to cut the throttle) pointed earthbound impacted the ground. Neither the wing or fuse was to be seen again :-( My daughter and I searched for 3 hours and not a sign of the plane. Guess the model gods (or perhaps demons or maybe even trolls) grabbed it for sacrificial rites. I think they first drink the methanol, who knows what terrible things they do with the battery pack and then toss the plane into a fiery pit and chant horrible, unthinkable, vile songs while virgins dance around the flaming pit in goatskin leggings. So, once again the world is safe for R/C flying. The gods have been satisfied (for awhile I suppose).

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Tom Wales
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The bad thing about that tall of grass is you were probably standing within

5 feet of the plane and didn't know it. Thanks for the sacrifice, I think I will go out and fly my biplane today.
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Normen Strobel

You're quite welcome Normen.


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Tom Wales

Where do you live? Where in the hell are they getting virgins? ;>) We had a guy flying his 4 Star 60 inverted, low, down the center line of the runway. He had a brain fart, and pulled back on the stick. As designed, the $225.00 Saito 91 protected the $12.00 aluminum engine mount. Plane, servos, battery pack, receiver, pilot figure all destroyed. First time I ever saw; an engine case with both mounting lugs ripped off so you could see light through the case, and, a divot in the asphalt runway that wasn't caused by a giant scale plane. I think at our field, the trolls are tunneling up through the trash cans and absconding with the remains of these planes. The Balsa gods need to be appeased!

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Had that happen with an Big Stik 60 several years ago. The wing fluttered to the ground with no damage at all, and the fuselage missed landing in a dumpster by about 15' (would've been awfully funny, even considering the circumstances).

One of several things that suck in your case (besides losing the engine and radio) is that unless you find the wing, you may never know what caused the separation. In my case it appeared that the front wing bolt-down plates broke loose from the fuselage, followed a short time later by the aft bolt down plates - the wing came down with all 4 plates still attached.

Good luck finding it if you go search some more.


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Joe Bill

Flew my motorglider ask-14 and made some photograph-pictures. It was flying far away when I lost control. We were looking for it during 3 weeks. A friend of mine took his sportsplane to search from above. Never found it. It's now 20 years ago. I think the angels are playing with it now.

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Tom, Thanks for making the ultimate sacrifice to keep the rest of us in one piece. I flew my used (new to me) WM Super Chipmunk for the first time. BIG difference in everything else I have flown to date, ie, no tail draggers. Thanks everyone for the tips on taking off a tail dragger. It helped when she made the hook to the left when the tail came up. Feed in a little right rudder and back on track she went. Super responsive on the controls even on low rates. Landing was an excellant challenge to keep from stalling and keep it going straight on the ground.


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David B. Thomas Jr.

Don't give in to those ponks. Challenge them! I used to fear the RC gods until I learned they are cowards that pick on those with low confidence and short attention span. Buck up, curse the RC gods, and fly like you never flew before!


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Bob Adkins

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