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On the 4th of October the year 2004, aviation and space history was
made as Brian Binnie, a 51-year-old former navy pilot, piloted Scaled
Composite's SpaceShipOne - the first commercial spaceship. An hour
after landing, Burt Rutan - owner of Scaled Composites claimed the $10
million X Prize purse offered by Ansari.

The feat is likened to Lindbergh claiming the $25,000 Orteig Prize
after making his solo transatlantic flight in 1927.

Like the Spirit of St. Louis, SpaceShipOne will herald a new, golden
age where space flights will become as routine as air travel is today.

To commemorate this event, PRE-Flight is pleased to announce the
SpaceShipOne Screen Saver and Flying Simulator.

Fly the SpaceShipOne from the ground (launched from WhiteKnight) to
outer space. Install the screensaver or create your own (instructions

Download free at :

formatting link

Note: The PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator demo is freeware and
downloadable from the above site.

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