ST G-2300 and tuned Pipe??

Hi all...
finally got the BIG trainer ( 98"X18" wing, fuse total length is from
spinner tip to rudder end 78") built and the motor mounted. Did a
break in on the motor and it runs wonderfully, smooth idle , nice
transition to mid range, and excellent to full throttle. I put an 18X5
prop on it for giggles and it will float the fuselage at 3/4 throttle...
full throttle it will go vertical, mind you now this was without
anyway... with wings the plane weighs 19 lbs fully loaded ( ooops
missed my planned weight by 5 lbs) ... sooo once I put the wing on I
dont think it will float or go vertical anymore... not with the present
setup anyway...
so my idea is to go to a 20X5 or an 18x8 prop and add a tuned pipe for
those important power needs... like take off and pulling out of a
stall... :)
My question is:
what pipe ( tuned) would be good for the ST G-2300... or can the motor
even handle a tuned pipe?
the wifey wont understand the purchase of the ST G-4500..... altho I
dont understand why she needs more shoes either...
patiently awaiting your responces
Scot D
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