A strange experience

I have been working in an architect office for a month now and they have
AutoCAD 2002. I am a programmer and 3D modeler on 3DS Maya and SoftImage.
I have to say I don't understand how a company dare to sell such a deficient
software that is AutoCAD.
It maybe doing some calculation right but that's all. For the rest it is a
source of errors I could not believe. This is one of the most dysfunctional
apps in computer graphics I have met since a long time.
Guys who are working with it I really am sorry for you.
Yves Bodson
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As you are stating by yourself, you are a programmer. Your programs and 3DS Maya and SoftImage are totally bug free? That would be new. If you would be on the floor, your experience may be different. Fancy images with crazy colors do not create buildings. People working with Autocad do.
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I've worked with it for 15 years to create buildings, not because I am particularly committed to it but because just about everybody else I work, isn't particularly committed to it either.
It seems to me that the program really could do much of what it does, in an easier way.
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Ian Robinson

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