Autodesk Architectural Desktop Compatability with AutoCad.

I work for a building services consultant that uses AutoCad 2002 & 2004.
We are currently working on a project where the architect is producing his loaded drawing files in ADT 3.3. These appear upon rotation
to be a mix of 3D & 2D (e.g a flat plan with 3D furniture blocks & 3D doors).
The problems start for us when we try to modify these dwg's, in that when we try to change the building outline to the appropriate colour (9)
we have to explode the walls because they are made up of ADT blocks this in turn creates an unmanageable file size (from 2Meg to 32Meg)
The other problem is that the load furniture, small power & Data/Voice dwg appears when looking at it from the side (90 degrees from the top)
to be loaded at different levels from Z 0,0.
We have suggested to the architect that he could try following the instructions within ADT 3.3 and create DXB files then resave them as dwg files,
but this appears to be difficult as the DXB is a snapshot of the DWG and not scaled at 1:1.
DXB's apart the architect has tried to send us DWGs with view proxy graphics disabled this looks as if it has solved the door problem but not the wall
problem and it has definatly not solved the loaded plan problem.
In short, does anybody have any idea how to flatten an ADT dwg to Z0 so that it can be modified 100% as a Cad dwg without creating massive unworkable
file sizes.
Any help would be much appreciated as we have now lost about 120 man hours messing around with dwgs that don't work.
TIA Matt
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Sounds like they don't know how to use their software. All they have to do is use ADT's explode 3D objects command on your copy of the file. (Sorry, not in front of me at the moment, but I think it's towards the bottom of the last ADT menu. It's NOT the standard explode though.)
Make them unlink the XREF's before doing this because if they don't, ADT will bind them all in. (The likely explanation to the file size problem.) For extra caution, make them save back to .DWG v12.
We do this all the time for consultants with no problems.
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Steve Hall
This appears to have worked for the most part, but once exploded Using AEC explode on the utilities tab, the building outline is still made up of blocks and when exploded to change the colour the file size becomes huge.
Any ideas
TIA Matt
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If their blocks are constructed properly, using appropriate layers and with linetype and color setting as bylayer, then you should be able to manipulate things through the layer control without exploding. Determine the layer name you need to modify, then change that layer color to what you want. It should turn out the way you want without exploding into individual entities. Steve
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Steve W

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