Re: viz renderer / 2004 adt bug?

I assume it's a bug because crap.drf loads. Just screws up the interface
> completely. This is a serious problem. You basically can't move files
> around once you've started working on a project. You can't make copies
> either. I can't download the same drf and dwg from the web and expect
> them to work on my computer.
I had students do a level-test and producing DWG & VIZ Render files. I can
open them directly in VIZ Render and all is fine. Didn't had any problem
with it. These files were copied on a server, so they weren't located in the
original place.
I must say I've had the interface lockup once... We upgraded ADT2004 to SP1
so that might be able to solve some issues.
You can assign a different DWG from within the File Link Manager (but it
apparantly doesn't work with non-2004 DWG files, probably to prevent using
VIZ Render without AutoCAD ADT 2004).
I've been using AutoCAD for about 10 years, and 3dstudio Max for about 6
> years. We've purchased acad2004adt to replace 3Dstudio Viz in our lab for
> our architecture students. I'm trying to teach this dam thing, acad2004
> and viz renderer, and I'm having real problems. I'm trying to write some
> tutorials, with corresponding dwg and drf files downloadable from the
> web. The above "bug" makes this impossible.
> Any ideas?
> Henry
> Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
> University of Bath
We also upgraded to ADT2004 + VIZ Render to replace ADT3.3 (well, we only
used the AutoCAD 2D+3D stuff) and VIZ r3.
I'm not finished with our tutorials, but it might be interesting to exchange
some ideas.
--- stefkeB ---
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Sure that'd be good. I've written loads of little tutorials, all available on
formatting link
doubt, there will be loads of typos and stuff.
regards Henry
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