What's the best program CAD-CAM ?

What's the best program CAD-CAM for beginners indusrials?

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good question. you might as well ask computer nerds about the best operating system... :)

i don´t think you should look for a CAD system for "beginners". i havent seen any yet! it´s rather a question of what you are going to do/build or in what kind of industry you are going to work.

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Andreas Sander

Kind of like asking what's the best ice cream.

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It's pretty difficult to decide... and you should precisely describe what do you need and want to do? I've used a few of CAD systems (for 2D and 3D), so I can recommend you any. In my opinion, quite nice and easy for beginners seems to be HiCAD neXt. As far as I know the manufacturer (German company 'ISD Software und Systeme') has also CAM module as optional. They have a few branches in Europe, so you shouldn't have any problem to find more info.


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