What's the best program CAD-CAM ?

What's the best program CAD-CAM for beginners indusrials?
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good question. you might as well ask computer nerds about the best operating system... :)
i don´t think you should look for a CAD system for "beginners". i havent seen any yet! it´s rather a question of what you are going to do/build or in what kind of industry you are going to work.
regards, andy
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Kind of like asking what's the best ice cream.
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It's pretty difficult to decide... and you should precisely describe what do you need and want to do? I've used a few of CAD systems (for 2D and 3D), so I can recommend you any. In my opinion, quite nice and easy for beginners seems to be HiCAD neXt. As far as I know the manufacturer (German company 'ISD Software und Systeme') has also CAM module as optional. They have a few branches in Europe, so you shouldn't have any problem to find more info.
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As others have said, no simple answer. You can buy a simple program and be sorry when you move into some job that expects all work to be done with a specific other program.. For example: this office started with Generic cadd, which had to be dropped once windows 98 came out because of compatibility issues. simple program that worked well, but got into trouble with large drawing files. Then we moved to visual cadd which was able to read generic cadd files, was windows friendly, and didn't have the large file problem. BUT dimensioned drawings couldn't be rotated by any angle other than 180 degrees without screwing the dimensions up. Easy to use because it had lots of keyboard shortcuts. However we had to exchange drawings with offices using autocad and file compatibility with autocad dwg's became a real problem... hatches wouldn't transfer, text styles would have some text much too large and other text much too small. So then we moved to autocadlt 2000i. Pricier but compatible with what architects were using at the time. Had to relearn a lot of the steps almost like switching from an algebraic calculator to an rpn calculator. keyboard shortcuts were vastly different and far less friendly but between programming special keyboard functions and simply relearning several less significant items, highly resolvable. Now we have a new issue. We use proprietary software which is not xp compatible and will never be upgraded. (They have a new product to replace the old and we DON"T LIKE IT.) So we can't shift to xp, and that means Autodesk doesn't have a program for us to use that is 2004+ compatible AND Win9X compatible. So I am experimenting with various versions of Intellicad, particularly ProgecadLT which is freeware, but is somewhat buggy. If you decide to use it, just remember to save frequently, since undo sometimes, without warning, undoes to the last save instead of just one step. It is by and large autocad compatible, includes some better features and misses some significant ones.
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