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I have a group of six IGES files that were created in CATIA and won't import into SolidWorks 2004. When I try to import any of these IGES files, SolidWorks produces the following error message after working for only a few seconds.

Unable to read IGES file. File was truncated or contains invalid data.

I suspect the IGES files contain entities that are not supported by SolidWorks since I can view part of the IGES geometry in other programs. Unfortunately, none of the programs I have can load all of the geometry, so I can't export it in another format.

I am currently exploring my options and was wondering if anyone can make a suggestion for a translation program or service bureau.

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John Eric Voltin
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John, I am sure I can get the Iges file in but it would save time if you had the original Catia files. Either way I will give it a try.

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J. R. Carroll

try FomatWorks from Capvidia. They will do this on a contract basis rather than makng you buy the program-I think.


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Catia Ver.4 creates crappy IGES files that "NO" CAD or CAM program on the planet can read in completely. Many crash at the attempt..

Get the Catia native file and do what others here have suggested, use a service bureau. I've had good sucess with Theorem

formatting link


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bill allemann

Ask someone at the Concepts Unlimited forum to open the v4 files for you and export as SAT (ACIS), so you can read them in SW.


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Paul Salvador

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Jeff Howard

Hey, btw, it looks like the new 2.0 beta (one month full use) allows for exports.

Oh, I agree, the v4 files converted to ACIS should be interesting? But, with some of the tolerance options ACIS is suppose too have now, it may work ok? And, CadSoft seems to be very willing to help with getting the v4 data in.. and I would guess they are very much interested in any v4 import/export failures/issues?

Funny, it takes another company to supply a import/export for Catia files when SolidWorks is owned by the owner of Catia and ACIS!?!?!

Utterly amazing!?!?!?!

..bending over,... thank you sir, may I have another!?! 8^0


Jeff Howard wrote:

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Paul Salvador

Ask your Catia customer to use the Catia v4 STEPOUT function to provide STEP files, Iges will not work but the STEP does.

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Phil Evans

Get a free trial of TransMagic and you can convert native V4 .model files to SW for 14 days. TransMagic doesn't however, work very fast on IGES. Or go to Capvidia and have them healed for SW.

I have had this problem too > I have a group of six IGES files that were created in CATIA and won't > import

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