problem importing iges file

I have an iges file simply a hollow cylinder(with outter radius say 5mm
and inner radius = 2mm.
However after importing the file, it becomes flatten/elongated a bit
(ie not longer a round shape)
In addition, there is a gap between the top and the side, and between
the bottom and the side.
I wonder if there is any accuracy issue here that causing this problem?
Please correct me if I am wrong.
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What is the source of this file? IGES can recognize cylinder surfaces. However, It sounds like the source application exported cylinder surfaces as B-surfaces with large tolerance. This is typical of many industrial design modelling programs.
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Does it import as a solid? ( ie, just graphical ). Solidworks uses different templates when importing data vs creating a new part. Its possible that your graphics settings are somewhat lower than you are used to.
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You can tell us the source of the IGES file by looking at the header in Notepad? In the first few lines of the file it will mention the source program.
For example if the file came from SolidEdge the header will look like this:
Comment S 1 1H,,1H;,10HSolid Edge,9HPart1.igs,17H By Spatial Corp.,17HXPlus PS/IGES G 1 3.0,32,38, 6,308,15,7HUnknown,1.000,1,2HIN,1,1.000,15H20051004.194440, G 2 3.9e-007,0.00,6HAuthor,5HTitle,11,0,15H20051004.194440;
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