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I have an object to be scanned by lazer scanner. The file that I get is IGES file and would like to convert that file to solid part with 2006 SolidWorks. I also like to bring that IGES file in Solidworks with smoother surface to convert. It seems like it is wrinkle even it has been scanned with high resolution (class B from lazer scanner). Thank you much - Thai Tran

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There is post-processing type software for scanned data (Geomagic) that can help smooth it out. It could be that the scan data was good, but whoever applied the surface to the mesh did a poor job, or it could just be bad scan data, due to hard to reach areas, transparent, reflective or rough spots. The wrinkle could easily be from the transition from point cloud to mesh to nurbs surface. I'm assuming when you say an IGES file you meant a surfaced IGES file.

There are some things you can do in SolidWorks to smooth out bad scanned surfaces, but it all requires that you be pretty good with surfacing, which in itself is not that much of a feat, but if you were good with surfacing, you wouldn't be asking this question.

A great alternative is to hire someone to fix it.

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Sometimes scanning at very high resolution is a bad thing. The laser will pick up every imperfection, and maybe even add some of it's own. This is especially true when scanning manufactured parts, or hand made models, because they are imperfect to begin with. Basically garbage-in, garbage-out.


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