DST file format

Has anybody ever had to convert a solidworks file into a .DST format? I
need to convert the geometry into a gaming software. The person I am
sending it to states that a .DST is the best format for him to work
with. I downloaded 3dsMax figuring that would work. I also have Rhino
but that also does not seem to have that as anexport option. anyone
know what can kick out a .DST file?
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Rich D
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its a DTS file you want. There is a Blender script available for exporting which you can find here
formatting link
am not a gamer so I can't tell you if it works but I presume so. You will need to export from SW as vrml. If you export your assy as individual files - assumption here about your work - you can use a batch loader script for bringing the files in quickly. I presume you can find Blender ok and Python if you need it. If you need the loader let me know. HTH
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of course now that you know the right file type other software may do the conversion with less hassle :o)
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