Convert jpg file to solidworks readable format?

I ve a jpeg file which contain a parts that I scan. Is they a way to convert
to solidworks readable file. The part have some slot with slant a few
degree. I like to import to solidworks to sketch it out and measure the
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In you sketch: Insert/ Image
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Jean Marc BRUN
Thanks Jean. I forget to look at the insert side. manage to import it but facing scale problem. Anyway I can measure the slot degree.
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Have a look at the freeware version of Wintopo.......
formatting link
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Art Woodbury
I use image editor Ulead Photoimpact to de-skew and de-warp the drawing, as well as some scaling and rotating, and making the drawing size managable. I import the image into Deltacad, where I can scale it more precisely, and then draw over it. Deltacad is freeware/shareware, Photoimpact came with my scanner.
cheamc wrote:
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John Kimmel
As Art suggests, Wintopo can be used to convert raster images to vector; however, I think a more direct method for quickly "measuring" your JPEG image has been overlooked.
In SolidWorks (with a sketch open for editing) you can use the main menu "Tools/Sketch Tools/Sketch Picture" to import any of a number of graphic file formats to appear in the background. (Keep in mind that this differs from the insertion of an OLE object in the background of the Part file's viewport and can ONLY be seen when the sketch containing it is being edited.)
Such an image can be scaled when it's first imported or afterwards by double clicking on it (within the sketch viewport).
With the graphic image behind the sketch entities you "trace" and position over it, you should be able to easily eyeball and dimension the angle desired.
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Per O. Hoel

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