Re: Why Autocad Software cannot open DWG file ??

Our client send us a DWG file, when I open it using our company's AutoCad
>2002 software (Full version, not the LT version), it shows an error message
>"Drawing file was created by an incompatible version"
>Hence, I suppose that this DWG file was created by some very old AutoCad
>software, hence I bring it home, and try to open it using my old AutoCad R14
>software, again unsuccesful, it show the same error message.
>(1) Why formal AutoCad software (As new as Version 2002, and as old as R14)
>cannot open files with DWG extension ???
>(2) Could someone out in this newsgroup be kind enough to do the conversion
>job for me, so as to convert this DWG file into something that our existing
>AutoCad software can handle. (I can email such DWG file softcopy (Only
>approx 120KB) to those one who can help me).
>Thanks in advance.
You've got a Autocad 2004 file there which is a brand new dwg type
with compression and security features.
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On 18 Jul 2003, "Mr. LAU Chi-Ming" used his great knowledge to say:
The drawing was last saved in AutoCAD 2004 format. You need to upgrade or have the sender save the drawing in a version you can handle.
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If you need to access the file this weekend, feel free to email it to me and I will convert it to a format you can open, otherwise as the person that sent it to you to saveas 2000 dwg format.
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Chip Harper

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