AutoCad Compatible Drawing Software

Hi all
Does anyone have experience of using CAD software delcared as "AutoCad
I am looking for cheap software for a satellite office to enable them to
edit AutoCad drawings without destroying the format of the original file.
Got a shock when I looked at the price for LT - close to £1k!
One piece of software suggested is ZWCad. Is anyone using it to know
exactly how compatible this is?
Don't like believing the sales hype on the web sites - prefer genuine user
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If you are already using AutoCAD would and extra user license not be the cheapest route.
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ZWCad is a member of the intellicad "family" We use Cadopia, which is = also based on the intellicad engine, and it works great for a fraction of the Autocad price.
We switched from Autocad simply because we got fed up with Autodesk's = update greed. Our original Autocad ver 14 was all we needed, but we had to = update to be able to read our customers dxf files.=20
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J. Nielsen
I use R14, together with DWGgateway. DWGgateway allows file conversion between the various formats, but I admit that I haven't tried it with a dxf file.
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