Trying to Print Drawings for Customer

Hi all
Anyone have these problems?
Customer wants some drawings printing so sends them in dwg format.
Try to open these and get "Invalid File Format" error, so guess that he has
later version of Acad.
He informs me that he is using Acad 2007 LT - we are on full Acad 2005.
He saves the drawing to dxf and re-sends.
I now get the error message noted below when trying to open the dxf:
Is it possible to "Save As" an earlier format of dwg from LT rather than
Any help appreciated.
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Ask your client to "Saveas 2004.dwg format". This is a format that your version can read.
But this is not the underlying problem. If the format was wrong (2007.dwg) you would get an "Incompatible Error" message. Most likely the file was corrupted during the transfer. Your client should send the file in a compressed format. You can also try to open the file using the File>Recover option.
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Chip Harper
'07 does not do well saving back to '04 format if there are any errors in the drawing. Have client "audit" the drawing before saving to your format.
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George P
Thanks George and Chip
I already thought of the "Save As" older version route but was not aware of the backward compatibility issues with 2007. Another thought I had was to get him to send plot files rather than dwgs. I think this should work as we both have DesignJet plotters albeit his is 500 and ours is 800.
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Check out
formatting link
and download the free DWGgateway program. This is an amazing program that runs inside AutoCAD. It allows you to open any version dwg file in your version of AutoCAD.
Regards, Jo
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jo the cad

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