Solidworks drawings print in Linux

Hello people,
Does anyone know how to print solidworks drawings in Linux? I have thousands
of drawings sorted on article number and I need to print them easy. I was
thinking to make a webinterface so everybody can print them any place,
I hope someone can help.
Jasper Wammes
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Jasper Wammes
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If you create pdf files from the drawing. Everybody can print them. You can create pdf output using your linux box as pdf converter. Create a pdf printer on you linux and share this with samba to the microsoft network. A document printed here can be routed to a pdf converter. I would suggest cups as print server.
When you have 2004 installed a pdf converter is installed on your solidworks maching.
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Johnny Geling
Thats a good idea! Thanks!
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Jasper Wammes
pdf or postscript
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Sean Phillips
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If you have to generate standard formats like PDF from thousands of drawings you should check PAC4SWX, my batch print and convert tool. Feel free to visit
formatting link
for info and free download of the shareware version.
Bye, Stefan
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Stefan Berlitz

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