Problem when inserting model items in drawings.

Hello all,

I seem to have a problem when inserting model items into my drawings. Some of the dimensions will display correctly while others appear to be fixed to some none-existent points in thin air. These dangling dimensions won't snap to the model properly, and i often cannot shift them to other wiews. Have anyone other than me encountered this problem? I am running Solidworks 2004 SP1.

Best regards, Frederik Daniel Hjort

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Frederik Daniel Hjort
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I've seen this on sheet metal parts, starting with SW98+, as I recall. I haven't checked recently to see if it still behaves the same. I don't remember seeing it on other types of parts.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems

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Jerry Steiger

Well, any results yet? Others with the same problem?

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Frederik Daniel Hjort

If it is a section view, you may find that you need to create the section on the same plane that the original part sketch was created on.

Merry :-)

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Merry Owen

I had this problem yesterday when I tried to dimension a drawing view with a vertical break. Everything was going okay and then all of the sudden it wasn't working right. Simple extruded grinder cam. The damn thing wouldn't let me put a small angle dim on it either. I had to re-create the view to the get the &^$%$*@! thing to work correctly. Well, I still couldn't put an angle dim on with out a workaround... but I'm not bitter. That was on 2004 SP1. That little gem along with a few other annoying and potentially disastrous problems made me go back to SP0. It's a good thing the IT guy had only updated me...

By the way, I'm really not so sure I won't see this particular oddity on SP0. Perhaps increasing the wireframe resolution setting would help. I didn't think to try it at the time.


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