Problem when inserting model items in drawings.

I seem to have a problem when inserting model items into my drawings.
Some of the dimensions will display correctly while others appear to
be fixed to some none-existent points in thin air. These dangling
dimensions won't snap to the model properly, and i often cannot shift
them to other wiews.
Have anyone other than me encountered this problem?
I am running Solidworks 2004 SP2.
Best regards,
Frederik Daniel Hjort
B. Sc. Eng.
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Frederik Daniel Hjort
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Good point!
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Mike J. Wilson
If it is a revolve, make sure that your section line goes through the same plane as the sketch used to create the revolve (select the sketch in the drawing's Feature Manager to confirm where it is.
Merry :-)
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Merry Owen
which leads me to two things...
1) Their priorities are WAY out of whack
2) They're lying their asses off about why the SP was pulled.
Either way, they're a bunch of fucknuts.
--nick e.
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Nick E.
Apparently, opening the sketch in the part again, and closing it made the dimensions in the drawing snap into place...Strange...
Best regards, Frederik Daniel Hjort B. Sc. Eng.
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Frederik Daniel Hjort
And SP2 is still not up...makes you wonder what they're doing over there.
Jeff "I wonder if I could be a Keynote speaker at SWW 2004."
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Jeff N
see SPR #141219, issued in April of 2002--fixing the problem is apparently not much of a priority for SW. The workaround you discovered further down in this thread is the official answer. You sometimes have to actually move the dimension in the sketch for it to snap to the proper place.
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Maybe they are fixing the problems and renaming it 2004Plus in time for the show. Reading these rebellious posts can get me going without much effort. Can't resist
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