what causes: "solidworks lightweight out of date print" and how to fix?

I've created a simple production drawing from an assembly, with ballons and a detail view.

But when I print it, it has a banner across it saying:

solidworks lightweight out of date print

What causes this, and how do I fix it?

Also, I notice (maybe its the cause? tho I think it did the error before I did the following) I've added an extra part to the assembly, but the drawing hasn't and won't seem to update to reflect it?

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Cool, thanks for the water mark tip. See, I wouldn't have thought that I was getting was a water mark, it's not how I envisage a water mark at all. More like an error message! So I probably would never have found that.

The allow autoupdating is already set on. :-( What can be preventing the drawing view from matching the current status of the assembly? Could it be because I used the "current view of" when I inserted the assembly model into the drawing?

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