How to properly fix a leaking hydraulic cylinder?

I have a log splitter that is leaking fluid from the side of the cylinder. I can't see a crack, but it is leaking.

I ground down into the cylinder some and see it leaking, but can't identify where.

I have Stick and MIG available to me.

Two questions:

1.) How do I accurately pinpoint where the leak is?

2.) How to I properly fix it so it doesn't blow apart or leak worse?

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Rick Barter (rvb)
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For finding the leak: try cleaning well, sprinkle with a fine powder like flour or talcom powder. A hairline crack or pinhole should show up quickly. Or try a florescent leak detector fluid available from places like NAPA

As for weld> I have a log splitter that is leaking fluid from the side of the

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Same way you make love to a fat woman. Roll it flower and look for the wet spot.

Seriously, wipe it down but don't wash it. Blow difficult areas with compressed air to remove excess oil, but leave a film. Powder it flour, talcum power, etc, and look for the wet spot.

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Is it cracked where the end cap is welded to the tube? If so drain all the oil out of the cylinder grind out the offending crack and reweld. This crack is caused by the rod end bumping the end cap. If it is in the middle of the tube I would either replace the tube or the whole cylinder. Steve

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Up North

Well what kind of cylinder is it? Does it have end caps and four long rods to hold it together or is it a welded together type. Have you got a dual stage pump (or even a single state) putting out more pressure than the cylinder is designed for?

As for finding a leak soapy water and air work pretty good. Maybe just air on the inside and a paintbrush with soapy water on the outside.

Is this just a 4" by 24" cylinder or something really expensive? Wouldn't really the proper way be to disassemble the thing and order the part with the leak and re assemble with new seals and packings.


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