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AutoCAD 14 used to have an option to put a print date, etc, on the left hand
side of a print. Does 2000 have that option and where can I configure it.
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I might be wrong, but I think that printing the date (as you described) was done by the plotter driver, not by R14 itself.
There are lisp routines for writing the date and the complete path onto a drawing.
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B. W. Salt.
Use RTEXT in Acad 2000
Type Rtext Select Diesel In Window - type $(edtime, $(getvar,date),DDD"," DD MON YYYY - H:MMam/pm)
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Scott Brackstone
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for comparison, I like
$(getvar, "dwgprefix")$(getvar, "dwgname")$(edtime, 0, MON DD"," YYYY - H:MMam/pm) $(getvar, "loginname")
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Roy Knapp

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