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I've got a little question about printing multiple drawings.
I've this
formatting link
'll see that there are many drawings.
What I'm looking for is an automatic way to print each drawing on an
A4 paper.
Is there any solution?
The image attached is the screenshot of "Model" window.
Thanks a lot
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Not really that long. Setup your ModelSpace print, choose Print Window, then pick "Previous print" and pick each drawing "box". Of course, if your printer is slow and can't keep all those drawings in memory and you have to do them manually one at a time, then yeah, it could take a while.
Have a good weekend.
Dr Fléau
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Dr Fleau
My suggestion is to: 1. Set up a layout for each drawing with the same plotter in each layout. 2. Create a sheet set with all layouts and plot thru the sheet set manager. 3. Hi-lite all files in the sheet manager, right click, and publish to plotter. That is if you are using a version that has the sheet set manager. (No version stated in posting) Chuck
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Chuck Fleming

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