changing the size of the drawing

Hi, all:
I am a beginer in SW design, and I was wondering if anybody could assist
with the following question:
at work we have our own drawing header (it contains drawing info in the
lower right hand corner), that we apply to every drawing. I converted this
header into the SW format for A4-sized paper. Everything was fine until I
decided to print drawings on larger paper size. The problem with bigger size
paper is that the header scales with the size of the paper too. In other
words if the header occupied 30% of space in a4 paper, it would also occupy
30% of space on a paper that is 36"x36". Is there any way to change the
size of the paper without scaling the header itself.
Please let me know,
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Edgar Y. Lobachevskiy
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You should make for every papersize a taemplate file with the header and print is as it is. Do not blow up your drawing like you can with autocad.
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Johnny Geling

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