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I recently made drawing templates for A4 - A0 drawings. I didn't have much time. So I started detailing. Now I'm done detailing I found out I forgot some things in the templates. Now all drawings are "infected". Does anybody know how to replace all the sheet's without losing the anotations and the drawing views? I also discovered I want to use blocks in my new templates.

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I feel your pain. I am in the exact situation right now. I am trying to set up templates for the new co I work for. They are only a few months in to SWX. I have drawing templates that are almost 4 years old. I have been tweaking them as time goes by, as well as spinning off additional sizes as needed. I have properties linked in the title blocks and the rev letter, etc. They are pretty intelligent at this point. At some point in time SWX changed the way the temps work. I used to be able to open up a new sheet>edit the sheet format>make the appropriate changes>then save off as a new template and sheet format size and or settings, inch, metric, etc. Now what happens is I tweak the template and sheet format and save it off ans a new name or even over write the existing sheet format and template file. I open a new drawing and it appears to be correct. I create a drawing with a part, notes, det views, etc. and all the fonts are the correct size. Everything looks good. Now I want to retrofit all the a size drawings in my current package with the corrected template and sheet format but when I reload the template and sheet format I get a double image. What I think is happening is it leaves the old format on the sheet but I can't select anything and then lays the new one on top which I can select but because the fonts are diff sizes it looks like garbage. I talked to my VAR yesterday and after 35 min I was told it's a bug and to upgrade to 2.1 but I'm a little hesitant to do so. I just can't find any rhyme or reason as to why it is acting like it is. If any one can help I would greatly appreciate it. As it stand s I may have to redo 20+ drawings and hope that I have all of the settings tweaked before doing so. Oh the hoops we jump thru for this AWSOME software! TIA

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You have two situations. The current drawings you have to get out the door and the templates you need to update.

Before you modify your existing drawing- please make a copy of the drawing and try what I am about to suggest.

This was tried on 2003Sp3.

Create a new template for your existing A4-Rev1 template. Add the changes, save the template as A4-Rev2. Save the sheet format in a separate step - use File, Save Sheet Format A4-Rev2-SheetFormat. The A4-Rev2 template will be used for all new drawings.

On your existing drawing, Right-click Properties, select Browse and load the A4-Rev2-SheetFormat. Select No to the question, the current sheet format has notes do you want to delete text?

Your new sheet format should be displayed on your drawing with the existing notes.

Regards, Marie

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