How to insert a block from another drawing?

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to insert a block from another drawing on this way;

- I have a self made pull-down menu where i select a block name

- There are several (4) drawings with lots of blocks in it where i want to call this block from

- The drawings i make are most made with this blocks.

I like to know how to create the command (in lisp or VBA) and also in the MNU file where i select the block from. I don't want to Bind all the drawings to the new drawing, because the file becomes very large after binding all blocks. Purging at close drawing is not the solution i want, because after that i need to bind all the drawings again. I only want to insert the blocks i realy need at the new drawing. The way i want it to be done this way, is because all these blocks need to be rebuild frequently, so its the easiest way to put these blocks on 1 drawing.

The question is how to insert a block (example): BLOCKA into a new drawing, from the self made Pull-down menu From Drawing: LIBRARY_1.dwg

Help appreciated. Dennis

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Dennis van Dongen
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Why would you want to take a nice long walk, when a nice short walk will do? Just insert the whole drawing that you're trying to take the blocks from, explode it, and copy the blocks that you need. You're looking at about three hours worth of work to make you about 3 seconds more work per drawing

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Try the ADC command

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Terry Rawkins

What about the Design Center?


Dennis van Dongen schrieb:

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Jürgen Palme

Again. Make the block using WBLOCK-then when in another drawing it will be available-universally

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