Insert Blocks problem (in drawing) sw06sp4

I have a drawing view in which I've previous used some blocks, but now I
don't seem to have the function available.
The blocks toolbar is greyed out.
The menu Tools > Blocks has only Make, New, & Edit.
I've tried locking the view focus, no effect.
The help file only discusses blocks in the context of sketches and makes no
mention of usage in drawings.
I have rarely used blocks, so please excuse if I'm forgetting something
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bill allemann
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Insert/Annotations/Block Or, you can find it on the Annotations toolbar.
The block toolbar is used for editing, etc. existing block definitions.
You can find help at "blocks, insert". Let us know if you need more help.
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Wayne Tiffany
The Blocks toolbar is only for use with Sketch Blocks. In SW2006, Sketch Blocks and Drawing Blocks are not interchangeable. As Wayne has said, to insert a block you have to go thru Insert->Annotations->Block. We usually drag blocks into drawings from the Design Library and it works very well.
All the other tools for Drawing Blocks are found at Tools->Block which you have already identified.
Best Regards,
Ricky Jordan CSWP Dynetics, Inc. Huntsville, AL
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Ricky Jordan
thanks, that did the trick. regarding blocks, I wish they would consolidate help and interface stuff to one place. bill
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bill allemann

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