swx2005 is NOT

ready for primetime.

thanks, corporate. bob z. REALLY appreciates it.

bob z. p.s. can you feel the love?

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bob zee
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So the IT genius finally got around to installing 2005 for you? Sorry to hear that 2005 wasn't worth all the waiting. Now we 2006 to look forward to. The spelling checker alone should make it worth it. Yea baby!!

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I'd be interested to know what doesn't work for you. I've been having very good luck with it for quite a while now. I haven't done much in the way of machine design with it, however. Mostly molded parts. Surfacing both rocks and sucks, but that's nothing new.


bob zee wrote:

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We skipped 2005 entirely. Performance is down per other threads on the NG. Lots to relearn and a late release of a "stable" service pack. We'll do our relearning on 2006.

There is stuff we would like to use and stuff we use that is missing. We generally don't share files with others so we can live in a 2004 world.

bob zee wrote:

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well, Sporky, it is just little things. bob z. will list them in no particular order. oh yeah, as a little side-note, bob z. was REALLY stressed when he started this thread. here is the list of issues:

  1. delete sketch relations. try to delete a sketch relation out of the feature manager - pick it, hit delete. nothing happens. this is a daily occurrence. bob z. must hit relation several times while striking the delete key. the relation will finally disappear...
  2. textures randomly showing up on parts. disclaimer: this could be something that good ol' bob z. has done to himself. will know later for sure...
  3. save and then crash. weeee!!!
  4. change config and then crash.
  5. angle mate. it flips. a lot. didn't some of us have trouble with this a release or two back?

bob z. is seeing about 1 crash per day. this isn't a lot, but we all want perfection, right?

here is the 'particulars': winxpsp2 dell precision 670 xeon 3.4ghz

3.0gb ram quadro fx3400 swx2005 sp2.0

current assy consists of 184 parts. (kinda smallish?)

bob z. p.s. only in the darkness of .... did i realize....

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bob zee
  1. Our Visual Basic programs had to be modified to support changes made when the program changes our drawing templates.
  2. Dimensioning circles on drawings depended on where on the circle quadrant you picked as to what dimension result you got. (in/in, out/out, center/center) No one liked this idea!
  3. BOM columns could not be configured to match those of previous releases.
  4. Hidden drawing views do not hide dimensions and annotations.
  5. Automatic drawing view sizing does not encompass the entire drawing view for some cropped views. This results in the inability to select edges outside the border. A workaround has been found, but we shouldn't have to do extra work to accomplish what we used to do simply.
  6. Incontext feature cut from another part in the assembly. I later edit the parent part of the assembly (parent being the part that the original sketch came from) to insert a new feature cut unrelated to the previously mentioned cut. For some reason the part that had the incontext feature adds the later sketch and tries to add to the incontext cut, and shows errors.
  7. Section views in drawings do not update when new parts are added to an assembly that has an existing section view cut. The only way I found to "work around" this is to edit the section line sketch and move the sketch line followed by a rebuild.
  8. You can no longer double click on a pattern and edit the feature dimensions for the pattern. Instead you have to edit the definition. This is not efficient.
  9. We cannot load 50% of our assemblies using SP 3.0 because at the end of the load process we receive an error saying to contact our support services. That's you. We have since rolled back to SP 2.0.
  10. Because of bill of material units we could not move forward into SW2005 until 3 months passed from it's release.
  11. Create a cut extrude in an assembly with the sketch coincident to an assembly plane. Move the assembly plane, but the cut feature doesn't move unless you first go back and edit the cut sketch.

These are just the highlights of our grief with 2005. We should have skipped it.

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Waligora, R

Bob, I have the same problems with 2005, until sp 3.0

2, Textures randomly appearing, disappears on sp3.0 3, Also disappears on sp 3.0 Well, they did on my setup, lol
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