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Hi All,
Does any one remember the postings from Steam Bob about 3 early
crossleys a year or so ago or any information on who Steam Bob is or was ?
Regards Steve Green.
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Steam Bob's posts ( seemingly were the only ones penned by their author, who seems strangely to have vanished from whence he came since those sole brief examples came into and enlightened our lives.
Strange that someone who apparently had these engines available should not have been more communicative, especially in view of the number of other replies that he received from the rest of the newsgroup.
You can find all of his postings, the replies, plus your own posts on Google as always.
Kind regards,
-- Peter & Rita Forbes Engine pages for preservation info:
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Peter A Forbes
Hi Mr Forbes, I thank you for your reply, I am sure that the engines he was referring to did not exist and I thought that at the time, again I think he was trying to catch me out (but that didn't work) but he did know a lot about certain engines that I had owned and information which only Geoff Challinor and Paul Evans would Know so he is at best an associate of one or both of them!! But he was telling lies about me and my involvement with the recovery of the two engines that where allegedly stolen from the anson and it is for that reason that I want to find him so any help would assist my solicitor in a on going case.
Best Regards Steve Green.
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Unfortunately, Steve, none of that was mentioned in the posts to the newsgroup so none of us here would have had any knowledge of these matters. A study of all the relevant posts will show that nothing along those lines was discussed, so you must have information or posts that we are not party to and thus have the advantage over us.
As you know, Hotmail email accounts are notoriously easy to set up and discard, so there is little likelyhood of his identity being traced.
Peter -- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK
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Prepair Ltd
Hi, I was afraid that you were going to tell me something like that but may be some one will come forward with information which I can go on Thanks again.
Regards Steve.
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