what kind of propane torch is this?

This is a weird Bernzomatic handheld propane torch. Screws onto a bottle. It has
some sort of ring suspended above an array of orifices. After the torch is lit
for a few seconds, the ring glows orange. Anyone have any idea what this is or
why it has a ring in it?
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Grant Erwin
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Look like part of a halide torch...
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Didn't they used to use a propane fired torch for detecting refrigerant /halogen leaks? The flame color changed in their presence.
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I'd be guessing some sort of mixer/disperser action going on there, with possibly some sort of catalytic coating and resulting reaction as well.
It might also be useful to keep that monster head lit - once it warms up.
I'd be interested in hearing what it's about if you find out for sure.
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Don Bruder
That looks like a freon leak detector that I used many years ago except that there was a fitting on the side with a small rubber hose about a foot long on it. You move the hose around the A/C fittings and if it draws in any freon the flame turns green IIRC.
Don't remember noticing a ring in it but I didn't really think about how it worked at the time.
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Keith Marshall
Definitely looks like a Halide detector to me. I used one very similar to that for years servicing automotive air conditioners before the electronic halide detectors and ultrasonic leak detectors had been invented.
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OK, it's a halide detector torch, without the sniffer hose. Made by Bernzomatic. Anyone want it? Dirt cheap ..
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Grant Erwin

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