what kind of lock is this?

hey i was wondering what type of lock this is, here is a drawing i
made of the keyhole:
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this lock is on a tall cabinet, and it is locking a sort of flip down
door on it. thanks
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Raoul Duke
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Looks like an old-fashioned bit-key lock. Most likely either warded or lever mechanism. Impossible to tell more from a sketch of the keyhole; someone knowledgable would have to examine the lock itself.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
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From the location, my first tentative guess would be warded (primarily based on cost considerations.) Is the end of a "post" visible in the center of the circular top portion of the keyhole? If so, this would seem to be the very common/typical warded lock configuration. Of course, this doesn't rule out a lever lock. A person skilled enough to fit a key to an old warded lock, should be easily able to check the type of the lock.
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Henry E Schaffer
Unless I miss my guess, you are not asking the question you want an answer to.
If I were to make a sketch of keyholes on cars, do you think that would be helpful in defining the type of lock? How about if I were to say it was a big car or perhaps a station wagon?
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Roger Shoaf

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