What kind of safe is this?

I have inherited a safe, but I have no idea what the make or model. Have you ever seen a safe like this? It sat in an antique cabinet, with wooden doors and a half-rail around the top. Here are some pictures:

ftp://ftp.cmrr.umn.edu/users/bdhanna/safe/safe.JPG ftp://ftp.cmrr.umn.edu/users/bdhanna/safe/safe-dial.JPG ftp://ftp.cmrr.umn.edu/users/bdhanna/safe/safe-handle.JPG ftp://ftp.cmrr.umn.edu/users/bdhanna/safe/safe-hinge.JPG

Just copy and paste these into your browser. What is it???

Thanks! Brian Hanna, Minneapolis

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Brian Hanna
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