Is this safe mechanically safe?

I'd found this safe (link below) at Target stores but unable to
open it to take a look inside to the left of the door. From the
appearance alone, it's very unsafe to mount a hing on the
outside and call it one of its special features, found
written on the box. Does this safe have a double latching
stud mechanism to the right and inside the door?
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Section 8
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Hi Section 8
FWIW - I have not seen any outside hinged safes that did not have at least 2 side pins on each side of the door.
I have two discount brand safes, one has 3 pins each side and 2 top and bottom, the other has 2 larger pins each side and 1 top and bottom. However, the main locks themselves leave much to be desired. I feel the interior locking door on the larger safe to have more secure locking mechanism than the main exterior door.
Now, if you ever want to break into either of these safes, roll them out and turn them around to the backside. Thinnest material because it's supposed to be against a 4 minute firewall. Using the tip of the crowbar, draw the letter X on the back panel, then give it a good inward kick, one of the corners will expose and you can use the crowbar to rip it open. Simple as that!
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Gary V. Deutschmann, Sr.
No, it's a fire safe, not a security safe.
I've been down this road before trying to secure PTA cash at a grade school. They had one similar in the office and someone got into it without too much trouble. The answer was to go to the local full-service locksmith, buy a cash-drop strongbox, lag bolt it to the floor of the A/V storeroom and keep it concealed. Access to it was by need-to-know. No further problems.
Fire safes are for fire protection. The lock is so you'll think you're getting a real safe.
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Jim Stewart

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