What kind of steel is this???

I was at the scrapyard today and picked up some cutters.

Here is a photo:

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The 3 thick ones have the following stamped into them: UNION-CARD DIV STW 8 x 1 1/2 BLADE-1122 R & L WEDGE-W-25 & W-25L

The thinner one has: Apex Tool & Cutter Co Inc Shelton Conn

53-60404 8X 742 46-820052-01 BLADES 65-66-11

It's a safe bet that the teeth are some type of carbide.

What type of steel are the blades made out of?

What is the typical use of these cutters?

I ask because I will be very happy if I got 40+ lb. of some type of tool steel that can be forged into interesting, sharp things.

Jeff Dantzler Seattle, WA

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Jeff Dantzler
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