Petter Harmonic

Hello all,
Many thanks for the interesting messages which I've been reading avidly,
some of you may remember an effort on my part to find a good home for a
Petter Harmonic from Loughborough Uni about a year ago - I got the whole
story not too long ago - suffice to say apparently there was a paperwork
mistake and it was discovered that the Uni had it on permanent loan from
the owner, and it wasn't Uni property to sell after all. Slightly
annoyed to have had my time wasted like that, and I can't apologise
enough to anyone who had set thier heart on giving it a good home in the
UK, 'specially Roland at least they didn't wind up letting the engine go
overseas I suppose, although my information is now a couple of months
out of date.
I don't work for Loughborough Uni any more - I got a better job elsewhere.
All the best
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Congratulations on the better job. I'd have mailed you direct but your email address seems to be for the spammers ;-) regards Roland
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Roland Craven

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