Hello All.......again...

Well, this lonely magician asking all these cheezy questions has finall bought and is currently taking a locksmithing course...

Anywho, now that I understand a lot more of the linguo around here, I have run into a problem with a padlock I am working on.

Its a Masterlock 930/6230. One of the big round high security, rekeyable bastards.

Alright so the problem. I dropped out the pin cylinder, and removed all of the bottom pins.

Anyone farmiliar with the lock knows that the top pins and springs are covered inside a metal cover. The key twisted, and since there where no bottom pins, the top pins hit the holes and springed up inside the bottom pin holes!

BLAST! Now it is jammed, wont turn either way. Any suggestions on how to get them pushed back to save my beautiful lock??

Thanks, Aaron

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Aaron Fagan
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I ha dthe same problem,with a different lock, in the end, i fond a guide for the parts of the lock, you should be able to get it repaired by a locksmith if ur that desperarte m8, but other than that, sorry :)

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The smith's

I made a tool just for this mistake. I've thoughtlessly done it twice on an american padlock..

The tool is a probe made from a 4 inch piece of thin piano wire bent at a 65 degree slant at the end. The bent portion is just a touch longer than the distance from the edge of the plug to the edge of the keyway.

If possible, use a shim to hold the pins in the pin chambers once you've pushed them back with your probe. If a shim does not work you can apply slight turning pressure to trap the pins at or near the edge of the plug.


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The term megafukked comes to mind. Fortunately, replacement cylinders are avail.

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Stormin Mormonn

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