Deja vu all over again .........

Today, I finally got out in my welding area and fixed a gate for a neighbor. He had been waiting a while. I have been dealing with remodeling, job injury, feeling bad, one thing and another.

I had to cut out the center horizontal and the bottom horizontal, reweld all the spindles back in it, (a double row on the bottom) and secure new perforated backing.

It has been a while since I welded.

Long story short, I got back into some welding today, now have two sets of doubles to rehab in the same way.

It is amazing how much comes back, and how much seems like first time. I bought a new Makita grinder, a 4 1/2" one, that has the switch you can hold down. I don't like it because it almost torques out of your hand on startup, and the brush housing is right in the middle of the hand grip. I like my old old 9501 better. Maybe I just have held so many of them.

Anyway, got gates to do, 60' of fence, 2 security doors to build, spa steps for two spas, and several honeydoo projects that I am trying to get done before hot weather sets in here in Vegas.

It's nice to be welding again.

I am checking with my isp to find out how I can post pictures for interested parties.


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