Deja vu revisited

Sorry, the post should have read:
Today, I finally got out in my welding area and fixed a gate for a neighbor.
He had been waiting a while. I have been dealing with remodeling, job
injury, feeling bad, one thing and another.
I had to cut out the center horizontal and the bottom horizontal, reweld all
the spindles back in it, (a double row on the bottom) and secure new
perforated backing.
It has been a while since I welded.
Long story short, I got back into some welding today, now have two sets of
doubles to rehab in the same way.
It is amazing how much comes back, and how much seems like first time. I
bought a new Makita grinder, a 4 1/2" one, that has the switch you can hold
down. I don't like it because it almost torques out of your hand on
startup, and the brush housing is right in the middle of the hand grip. I
like my old old 9501 better. Maybe I just have held so many of them.
Anyway, got gates to do, 60' of fence, 2 security doors to build, spa steps
for two spas, and several honeydoo projects that I am trying to get done
before hot weather sets in here in Vegas.
It's nice to be welding again.
I am checking with my isp to find out how I can post pictures for interested
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Hey Steve,
So, if I'm not being toooo nosy, how about a bit more on the
comment in your OP? Are you recuperating, on rehab, back to work OK, or what? Any permanent disability? What was the outcome of the OSHA investigation?
Hmm.. haven't heard too much about Ernies digital depression lately either. Updates and therefore reminders for the rest of us are always good I think. We lost a really nice young guy in my (former..I'm retired) trade last month, and still having a tough time getting info as to exactly what occurred.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario
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Brian Lawson
Six months ago, I got a concussion while a passenger on a cart an idiot drove under a parked semi trailer. He had an umbrella in front of him since it was raining, so didn't see the truck. I was facing backward on the rear seat, and didn't see it coming either.
OSHA doesn't get involved unless there is a fatality, or more than three workers have to go to the hospital.
In my state, the only option a worker has is worker's comp, so it is difficult to sue an employer or fellow employee. Gee, I wonder who made that law? Oh, it was employers and their lobbyists. I see.
My speech and memory are still messed up, and this is probably about as good as it is going to get. Still seeing doctors, but for what they are doing, I might as well see a psychic.
I had a 5 way bypass and aortic valve replacement almost three years ago, now. So, that both made me feel better and worse. I go for regular tests.
Had the flu or cold this week.
Did manage to get my neighbor's gates finished today. That helps, as he had been waiting a while. Welding is a lot of fun, but I had forgotten about how tough it is to horse around 40-60 sf of gate with backing on it.
All is good, though. Getting ready to make and sell things on ebay, and to complete some honeydoos that have taken a back seat to a year of remodeling.
Life is good. Even the bad days.
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Hey again Steve,
Yep, I remember you reporting the accident last year. That's why I asked for an update. Glad all seems to be coming along, if not exactly "OK" with you for now.
Take care.
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Brian Lawson

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