CS Startomatic

Hi all,
Some of you may remember back in January I was given a 6hp CS 230 V AC
Startomatic. Well I finally picked it up last weekend and I have started the
story of the pickup and restoration if anyone is interested
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I have a question for Startomatic experts (well I am sure there will be many
more later) and that is:-- how is the voltage regulator box meant to be held
on to the generator as this one just floats about on top. I can see four
"buttons" on the box and maybe a corresponding four on the genny, should it
have some sort if set of springs or other shock absorbing means holding it
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Pete Aldous
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Rubber doughnuts with a bolt bonded to each side. The name eludes me for the moment (Metalastic perhaps?) Reasonable facsimiles should be available from the likes of BSL hth Roland
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Roland Craven
Roland, they use a similar thing as exhaust mounts on the old minis. I think there still avalible from good motor factors Gary
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gary millward
Thanks guys, I am sure I can find something at the next autojumble.
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Pete Aldous
The rubber mount is used through out the motor industry, just look under the bonnet of your average car. the engine sits on them. A Roland so eloquently pointed out BSL stock them as will exhaust and motor factors.
Martin P
Roland Craven wrote:
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