Lister CS

Been offered a Lister CS. Is it worth having & are there any restoration
horrors forthcoming. It is to be given to me free of charge.
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Colin Jacobs
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :-) A well made and basically simple full-diesel. No design nasties and spares are relatively easy hth
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Roland Craven
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IMHO, yes, but then I'm biased - I have six of them. I think they're smashing engines.
Absolute worst case - the engine has been stored out of doors and is seized. The bore is full of water and the valves are rusted in their guides. The block is frost-heaved. None of this is insurmountable as this engine was built in the Victorian industrial style when the sun wasn't expected to set over the Empire any time soon. The only way to do it any real harm would be to throw it off a cliff, a tall one.
Thank the owner effusively and turn up to take it away today. You'll need a trailer, some rollers and a winch or alternatively, a trailer and four big mates. If the owner has a small crane or a forklift, that'd help.
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Peter Scales
If by any chance you don't want it please don'r hesitate to contact me....
Joules (Haa, fat chance)
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