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Hi all, I have just been in the workshop finishing a few jobs on the National, and thought as I was waiting for a few bits to dry I would have a bit go at the Lister `D` thats sat for years. When I started to strip off a few bits the paint underneath the green appears to be a rather bright yellow. After carefully rubbing down one part, it appears to have, from top coat down, lister green, red oxide primer, bright yellow and a light coloured primer. I was wondering if the bright yellow would have been the original colour ??? Could it have been supplied with say, a cement mixer ??? Any help appreciated.

Cheers, MartinH

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Martin Hirst
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David Edgington should be able to ID original customer from serial number. This may give an idea of appliction and if yellow colour is original.

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Nick H

hiya, yet again i dont do much with Lister But PETTER a and w type engines had bright yellow paint inside of the castings and outside as if they were dipped orginaly, worth bearing in mind?

unless someone has restored it from being a cememnt mixer and jus painted over the top?

If the engine is reverse rotation it may be a give away it was in a cement mixer.

thanks, Martyn

PS lister green is really Mid Brunswick Green

although as of late ive been using Brookland Green, by rover, very close espeically if you are un able to get the green in the spray cans, thanks, again

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Martyn Butler


All engine manufacturers had thier own basic colours but if a customer wanted an engine in its own colours this was catered for, the GPO used lister D engines and I have seen a D in original Post Box Red and its never been restored. It is as you think possible that the original colour was yellow and has since been repainted any how there is no rule that you should paint the engine Mid Brunswick Green, the colour choice is yours.

Martin P

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BS381C Shade 226

Our local autopaint shop will happily put it into aerosols, I have a couple on the bench in the factory. To give an idea of the sort of service we get, and we are a very small customer, Rita took a charger cover in to get a new tin of RAL5015 blue touch-in mixed, as the tin we had was too dark (powder coat sometimes goes lighter on the outside surface for some reason)

The guy looked at the lid, phoned me to check the colour and we both agreed RAL5015, but in the sample mix it looked wrong to him per reason above, so he played with the mix until it was damm near perfect to our sample, and charged us £5 plus VAT for 0.5litres.


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