Lister Rotary Pump

Peter Scales wrote,
'Hi all
I have what appears to be a Lister positive displacement gear pump
Can anyone tell me the specs for this? I'm particularly interested in its
max RPM, suction and delivery head, max delivery pressure and flow rate.
How many HP would it take to drive it?
Any and all information gratefully acknowledged.'
Some snippage.
Hi, As you can see I have been 'Googling' and have found the above posted by
in 2002. Google doesn't come up with any other references as far as I can
Does anybody have any info on these pumps, or details of where I may be able
find a manual etc.
Thanks in advance
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Stationary Engine Magazine reprint service, (I know I should have tried there first) Lister 1.5 Rotary pump, issue 216 page 16/17, I have ordered this now will wait to see what info it contains. Answered my own question I know, but I may be back for more help!
Cheers Anthony
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Have a look at the Lister Pumps catalogue at:-
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-- ____________________________________
Internal Fire, Museum of Power, Wales
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Paul Evans
Thanks Paul. Should have looked there first shouldn't I!!!! Thanks again Anthony
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