Rotary Vacuum pump repair

I've got a two stage rotary vane vacuum pump with some fine pitting in the bore and on the flats sides that the vanes rotate within. The vanes seem to be a glass resin composite.

I think the pits are reducing the pumps ultimate vacuum and ideally the surfaces need to be precision ground back to near perfect, but I can't do this myself and want to keep costs to a minimum. I think it would cause some other issues due to the very high tolerences as well.

Is there any reason not to just fill the pits with epoxy and smooth off with very fine abrasive paper? The pump is oil filled and runs too hot to comfortably touch for long.

I thought steel filled epoxy would be best, but the only stuff I've found which sounds good is Devcon "Plastic Steel Liqiud (B)":

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Anyone know where I can get this or equivelent in small quantities?


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