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i hope somebody can help me. i bought a doerr pump at a garage sale the other day. they guy told me it had never been used but tis a little old. it has a strange plug almost looks like a 240 volt. but the pump says that its 115v. i know very little about motors! when i connect it to my outlet with some wires.. it makes a humming noise and starts to heat up. the motor is defineitly not spinning. im pretty sure the pump works, im just doing something wrong. any ideas? the following is on the pump patent:3311293 insul class a 5.4 A 60HZ 1725 rpm 1/4 hp mod no

0522v103c(?)186 single phase mtr ref 50156aa733 fr h487. thanks for your help!
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Are you sure the motor and pump assembly are spinning free when you turn them by hand? Make sure it is all disconnected from the supply when you test it, of course.

Make sure of the supply though, as the pumps markings will tell you if the motor is AC (alternating current) or DC (direct current) operation. Pushing AC through a motor meant for DC, and vice versa, will only damage it beyond repair, so really make sure of the supply needed.

The markings you detail above sound OK, and should also work with a supply down to 110 Vac @ 50Hz rated at 6 Amps with no problems. You say it hummmms and heats up, so it might just be jammed with age and dirt, and may only need cleaned up and the bearings greased to make it all ship shape again.

Good luck with it.

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